Chief Mixing Officer

Matt is an accomplished technologist who rarely backs away from a creative or technical challenge.

Whilst his current passion is writing music for, and mixing in ATMOS, much of his time is spent designing studio 19″ professional rack equipment (when he spots a gap in either the market or his rack).

Whilst working on productions, Matt’s ideal workflow is to have every key instrument with a uniquely appropriate hardware signal path. Choosing from his collection of Neve, SSL Bus+, API 5500, Custom SSL style bus compressor, Modified 1176 Limiters, custom designed Oogensis EQ, and a variety of other specially chosen tools, he constructs a rich, musical and solid soundstage in his mixes. (Only after Charlie has performed the session cleanliness protocol, however)

Matt approaches signal path design like a religious fanatic. He has evolved his studio over the last twenty years, modifying many of his hardware signal processors and, more recently, designing new innovative audio processors. You can check out his design, modifications, and repairs at

Playing guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums, he is no stranger to recording, performing and touring. Matt has provided technical consultancy services for education, audiovisual productions, and UK and continental recording studios.

Refusing to buy Euro-rack modules, Matt often designs circuits as solutions to specific problems. The neatest and cutest of which is the ‘2CPO‘: a simple module with a huge range of uses. Recently, however, he has gone full scale with his most recent prototype adventure: ‘Project: 82 Moons‘: A dual channel saturation processor with tilt EQ, feedback, topped off with Mid-Side processing to cure those imaging woes.

Matt makes ATMOS Music for the interstellar traveller, plays acoustic and electric guitar, and is a blossoming percussionist.

follow Matt on his reallyniceaudio Youtube Channel

Matt has a cat called Coco. She likes to chew his modular patch cables.