Multi-track Recording

Decades of experience in recording a wide range of acoustic and electric instruments

Edit for Timing, Pitch Correction, and Coherency

Editing your productions to bring a solidity and professionalism

Stereo, Spatial, and ATMOS

Matt’s studio is equipped with 7.4.1 ATMOS configured loudspeakers.

Tone Factory

Using our range of analogue and digital processing, we can beef up your sources.

Leslie 910 Rotary Speaker

Authenticity can be imprinted upon your organ, guitar, and vocal parts using a genuine Hammond Organ speaker.

Eventide H8000

The verbs, man, it is all about the verbs.


Protools, Logic, Max8, and Kyma

Problem Solving

Cabling, Digital Sync, MIDI, Bantam & Jack Patching.