Joseph Tawadros: Hope in an Empty

Album Production

A heroic production:

Additional recording on an album session: delivered as a single Protools session – Recorded at double sample rate (88.2 kHz), which consisted of 74 gigabytes of data with 84 location markers.

Joseph Tawadros: History has a Heartbeat

Album Production

Certain Sound Productions: Down the Loca

EP Production

These tracks were great fun to work on: Akai MPC and Vocal Stems.

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Carlo Taylor

Album Production

This is Carlo’s debut album, he did a great job of recording the basic stems, and we brought some production magic: Charlie edited and played slide on ‘Million Miles’, Dave played drums on a few tracks, and Matt mixed and mastered everything.


Sad Boys

Always Ends This Way

Little Things Season 2

Soundtrack Contribution
‘Shut up and Shoot me’ (2005)

This is going back a bit, but we are still proud of our small contribution to the soundtrack of this film. Underated!

Here is a timestamped link to our section

Ferocious Mullet : T.N.O.
Ferocious Mullet : Mostly Water
Ferocious Mullet : From A to D